Supporting Government Programs, PT KTI Holds Vaccination for 1200 Employees

This Vaccination Program is a form of PT Kutai Timber Indonesia's concern for employees and the company's commitment to play an active role in the accelerated vaccination program to reduce the transmission rate of Covid-19.

Probolinggo - The high number of Covid-19 transmissions has recently prompted business players in East Java to support the accelerated vaccination program, including PT Kutai Timber Indonesia. This activity aims to assist the Government's program to maximize vaccines for City, District, and other residents. Moreover, PT KTI Management often hears complaints from employees that they have run out of vaccine quotas, so PT KTI and Kodim 0820 Probolinggo held a Covid-19 vaccination on 19 and 21 July 2021 at PT KTI Training Center Office.

This vaccination is for 1200 people including employees, contractors, and employee bus drivers. The age range that is allowed to register is above 18 years and above with a record that you do not have a history of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, kidney, and are not pregnant.

This event starts at 07.30 according to health protocol. Before employees enter the vaccine area, employees must wash their hands first and queue at the seats provided. Employees are advised not to congregate and talk to each other to reduce interaction with one another.

This vaccination consists of several stages. The first stage is the registration stage. The requirement is to bring a photocopy of your ID card. The second stage is the stage of writing the vaccine card. Next, The third stage is the tension check table. The fourth stage is data input. The fifth stage of employee screening. The sixth stage of vaccination. The seventh stage is data observation. And the last stage is the evaluation stage after the vaccine.

KTI Management hopes that this activity can help the government in the Vaccine Acceleration Program. So that Covid-19 can be controlled. Through this vaccine activity, Management also hopes that employees have immunity and are safe from Covid-19.


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