Darma Bakti KTI Foundation Gives Computer Assistance to Zahra Ilhami Social and Education Foundation

The Darma Bakti Foundation under PT Kutai Timber Indonesia is committed to assist children's education both academically and non-academically, one of which is realized by assisting the Zahra Ilhami Social and Education Foundation

Probolinggo – Darma Bakti Foundation has consistently contributed to supporting children's education both formal and informal. This time, assistance was given to the Zahra Ilhami Social and Education Foundation located in Mawar Village, Sumber Agung RT 04 RW 02, Dringu District on November 13, 2020. The assistance provided was 1 unit of whiteboard and 2 units of computers.

Mr. Azis Sidqie as the Chairman of the Darma Bakti KTI Foundation gave this assistance directly to the chairman of the Zahra Ilhami Foundation, Mr. Agung Witono. Mr. Azis expressed his hope that by providing this assistance the children would be more focused and enthusiastic in studying computer science especially during the pandemic, which resulted in children being unable to attend school as usual.

Mr. Agung Witono revealed that children lacked computers for learning and the conditions were also not supportive so the learning process was less effective. With assistance from PT Kutai Timber Indonesia, it is hoped that it will improve the quality of children's education and encourage other donors to improve educational facilities at the Zahra Ilhami Foundation.

The assistance provided to the Zahra Ilhami Foundation is not first-time assistance. In December 2019, the Darma Bakti KTI Foundation assisted orphaned children in commemoration of the Prophet's birthday. The assistance given is in the form of school stationery and snacks. It is hoped that the Darma Bakti Foundation can continue to contribute to the education sector especially for underprivileged children, and reach other areas.


Darma Bakti KTI Foundation Keeps Assisting during the Pandemic