PT Kutai Timber Indonesia Distributed Aid for Palu, Sigi and Donggala

Employees of PT Kutai Timber Indonesia provide aids through the Probolinggo Indonesian Red Cross concerningthe brothers and sisters affected by the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Palu, Sigi and Donggala

Probolinggo - The earthquake and tsunami that struck Indonesia, in Palu City, Sigi Regency and Donggala Regency on September 28, 2018, left unspeakable griefs. The 7.4 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami about 3 meters high in the coastal area of ​​Donggala,Palu and a dense settlement around them.

According to BNPB data on October 10, 2018 the number of victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster reached 2,045 people, the displaced victims were 82,775 people, and 8,731 refugees were outside Sulawesi.

Not only casualties but various public facilities such as schools and hospitals and other buildings were severely damaged. The electricity network, availability of clean water, communication channels and fuel were difficult to get.

Various aids arrived both from within and outside the country for the earthquake and tsunami disaster. PT Kutai Timber Indonesia is no exception. All management staff and employees also mourn the disaster that hit our brothers there. Moreover, this incident was occurred just after the Lombok disaster before.

As a sense of concern PT Kutai Timber Indonesia channeled aid through the Probolinggo Indonesian Red Cross and was delivered directly by representatives of employees and third parties’ employees along with the Head of HRD Mr. M RincaSetiawan and Executive Officer Mr. H. Firdaus Dja'far on 6 December 2018.

The aids are expected to help ease the burden of those affected by the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Central Sulawesi. May Indonesia do not experience a similar disaster, because their grief is our grief.


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