Maintaining Environmental Quality and Ecosystem Biodiversity, PT KTI Plants 1000 Mangroves

PT KTI is committed to consistently maintaining the environment around Probolinggo City by inviting the community, NGOs, and other parties to plant 1000 mangroves at Permata Pilang Beach, Probolinggo

Probolinggo – PT Kutai Timber Indonesia through CSR Peduli Lingkungan planted 1000 mangroves at Permata Beach, Probolinggo City. The planting activity was carried out on March 27, 2021. PT KTI also invited POKMASWAS Pilang Lestari, POKDARWIS Pantai Permata, POKDARWIS Bumi Pesona Randu, POKDARWIS Sumber Sentong members, and also the Environmental Agency of Probolinggo City to participate in the planting.

This planting activity is one of the contributions of PT KTI to the environment to improve the environmental quality and ecosystem biodiversity of the Permata Beach, Probolinggo City. There are two types of mangroves planted, namely Rhizophora and Avicennia commonly found along the coast of Probolinggo.

In addition to being able to prevent abrasion on the coast, mangroves can also improve the community's economy by processing mangrove fruit into mangrove flour and coffee. One of the MSMEs assisted by PT KTI has processed mangroves into high-value products. It is hoped that there will be more planting activities by the community to improve the environmental quality in Probolinggo City.

The Management of PT KTI represented by Mr. HM Firdaus Dja'far, as the Executive Officer of PT KTI, also participated in the activity of planting mangrove trees. He revealed that this activity has been carried out by PT KTI in the last few years either independently or by inviting other parties to cultivate the habit of planting. The purpose of this program is to maintain sustainability and educate the next generation that it will also generate results in the future. Mr. Firdaus also hopes that programs like this will keep running and reach the resources that must be maintained throughout the Probolinggo area.


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