PT KTI has always been committed to being a Plywood, Particle Board, and Wood Working company by producing Products and Services and best prices according to the needs of people around the World, by running :

1. Produce high quality and highly competitive Plywood, Particle Board, and Wood Working.

2. Use natural resources and energy efficiently obtained from legal sources, do not damage the environment by paying attention to life cycle perspective, and is safe for employees.

3. Apply the principle of prevention of work accidents, health problems, and environmental pollutions.

4. Play an active role in creating harmony in company activities and the surrounding environment.

5. Consider every environmental aspects and impacts, as well as the risks and dangers in every new products designs and / or new processes.

6. Increase employee awareness of the importance of prioritizing occupational health and safety (safety first) in every production activities and work services.

7. Actively evaluate the progress of environmental management, look for new technological alternative, to support the environmental life cycle.

8. Clearly determine the responsibility, authority, and lines of communication for both internal and external.

9. Conduct preparations and countermeasures in dealing with emergencies and conduct reporting, analysis of any deviations, pollutions, accidents and dangers that will or have occurred.

10. Improve personnel performance and competency by carrying out planned and continuous training.

11. Create a healthy and pleasant work environment for the prevention of injuries and occupational health disorders.

12. All employees engage in participation and consultation to improve the performance of the Quality, OHS, and Environmental Management System.

13. Implement a danger control hierarchy to eliminate dangers and reduce OHS risks.

14. Comply with applicable laws, including local, national, regional and international laws.

15. Conduct periodic inspection and evaluate the performance effectiveness of the Quality, Occupational Safety and Health, and Environmental Management System.

16. Make continuous improvements to improve the optimal performance of the Quality, Occupational Safety and Health, and Environmental Management System.

This policy is documented, maintained, implemented and communicated to all levels of the organization in PT KTI and related parties, interested parties and to the community.

Probolinggo, September 1, 2019

President Director,





Satoshi Kawanami