Celebrating Islamic New Year, KTI Assists Masyithoh Kindergarten

Masyitoh Kindergarten students welcome the assistance provided by the KTI Darma Bakti Foundation

ProbolinggoThe moment of the Islamic New Year 1443 AH is utilized by several groups to share with others. One of them is PT Kutai Timber Indonesia through the Darma Bakti KTI Foundation to Masyitoh Kindergarten in Kademangan District, Probolinggo City. The assistance provided was in the form of educational toys, knowledge books, folklore books, daily prayer books, musical instruments, and sports equipment.

Mrs. Endang Sulastri P, S.Pd, M.Pd as the principal of the Masyitoh Kindergarten revealed that the condition of the school during the current pandemic is very concerning. Teachers struggle to teach and disseminate knowledge to students without face-to-face learning. With the assistance of PT KTI, it raises spirit for the teachers and especially students. The students have been studying at home for almost a year and a half, so they are used to playing with gadgets and not socializing with their peers.

Mr. Azis Sidqie as chairman of the KTI Darma Bakti Foundation revealed that PT KTI is also concerned about the current situation in schools. PT KTI hopes that the teachers will remain enthusiastic and strive for children's education. Given that early childhood education is a golden phase for children to think and learn, it is hoped that this assistance will be a means for children to hone their abilities and be a positive provision for them in the future.


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