PT KTI CSR Help Mihrab Renovation of Raudlatul Jannah Great Mosque

Mr. HM Firdaus Dja'far as the Executive Officer of PT KTI received a certificate from the chairman of the Raudlatul Jannah Great Mosque management as a thank-you for KTI's contribution in renovating the mihrab of the mosque

ProbolinggoPT KTI continues to contribute to the people of Probolinggo City. This time through PT KTI’s Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) program in assisting the remodeling the mihrab of the Raudlatul Jannah Great Mosque, Probolinggo City.

The Raudlatul Jannah Great Mosque is a glorious mosque of the Probolinggo City which was founded in 2002 on a land of 2560m2. In addition to being a place of worship, this Great Mosque has become one of the icons of the Probolinggo City and has become one of the destinations for domestic and foreign tourists.

The mihrab renovation of the Great Mosque was carried out directly by the General Affairs Sub-Section of PT KTI and took one and a half months under the coordination of Mr. Slamet Mulyono, P2 Staff. Head of the General Affairs Sub-Section, Mr. Bambang Sumarsono, hopes that this assistance can be beneficial for the people of the Probolinggo City and prays that the pandemic will come to an end soon so that people can pray at the mosque again.

The inauguration of this mihrab was held on August 11, 2021, at 9 am, to coincide with 2 Muharram 1443 AH of the Islamic New Year, attended by the Chairman of the mosque management, the KTI CSR team, and Mr. HM Firdaus Dja'far as the Executive Officer of PT KTI. Mr. Drs. H. Paeni Efendi as the chairman of the mosque management welcomes the assistance provided by PT KTI and hopes that PT KTI would continue to flourish so that they could contribute to employment opportunities for the residents of the Probolinggo City. He also hopes that other companies will follow in the footsteps of PT KTI to contribute to the community around Probolinggo City.


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