PT KTI Becomes a Resource Person for the Indonesian Pavilion Talkshow at COP-26 UNFCCC

The Indonesian Pavilion at the COP-26 UNFCCC functioned as soft diplomacy along with hard diplomacy at the negotiating table at COP-26 UNFCCC, Glasgow. Soft Diplomacy at the Indonesian Pavilion will voice Indonesia's actions, strategies and innovations to the international community in the form of Indonesia's climate actions in preventing global temperature increases.

Jakarta - PT Kutai Timber Indonesia became a speaker at the Indonesian Pavilion Talkshow at COP-26 UNFCCC. The talkshow was held on November 3, 2021, at the Soejarwo Auditorium, Manggala Wanabakti Building, Jakarta.

COP-26 UNFCCC (26th Conference of the Parties United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) is a conference that discusses the global climate change. Global climate change has affected every country around the world. The effect has affected the economic and health aspects of the people.

The topic presented by PT KTI was Sustainable Forest Production Using SVLK Certification as Standard Protocol in Forest Stewardship. PT Kutai Timber Indonesia conveyed its experience in sustainable use of natural resources and forests, environmental sustainability, and social sustainability, especially in an effort to fulfill commitments to achieve climate change targets.

PT Kutai Timber Indonesia has functioned as a speaker because in 2020 it received a Green PROPER (beyond compliance) and has been committed to environmental improvement in a sustainable manner.


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