KTI Shares the Love through Blood Donation CSR Program

This Blood Donation Activity has been a Monthly Agenda for the Last 4 Years

ProbolinggoPT Kutai Timber Indonesia in cooperation with Indonesian Red Cross of Probolinggo held their 54th blood donation activity. This activity was held on October 25, 2017, located at the old office of PT Kutai Timber Indonesia. The enthusiasm of staff and employees are very high reflected in the numbers of donors participant.

This blood donation activity is one of the social actions conducted by the company as a manifestation of love and cares to others. This has been a monthly agenda for the last 4 years.

The blood donation is expected to have a positive impact on the health of donors and can increase their sensitivity to the social environment. Also, it is a form of awareness and participation to Indonesian Red Cross of Probolinggo agenda in collecting blood from the donors in PT Kutai Timber Indonesia.


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