Darma Bakti KTI Foundation Keeps Assisting during the Pandemic

Even though it was delayed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Darma Bakti Foundation is still committed to assisting the education sector, one of which is through collaboration with the Pelangi Bakti Nusantara Foundation

Probolinggo – During the pandemic, several activities of the Darma Bakti KTI Foundation were delayed, but since the enactment of the new normal phase, the Darma Bakti Foundation has begun completing work programs in 2020, one of which is assisting the Pelangi Bakti Nusantara Foundation which is located in Sukodadi Village, Paiton District, Probolinggo Regency.

The assistance provided was 3 units of bed covers and 6 units of cabinets, given directly by Mr. Azis Sidqie as the Chairperson of the Darma Bakti KTI Foundation on November 7, 2020. This assistance was given because students lacked beds and the conditions were uncomfortable. They also don't have a cupboard to store their personal belongings.

Mr. Azis Sidqie, as the Chairperson of the Darma Bakti Foundation, hopes that this assistance will benefit the students. Mr. Azis also reminded that even though there was no face-to-face learning process for students during the pandemic, they should not lose their enthusiasm for learning and continue to comply with the health protocol, namely wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining distance.

The management of the Pelangi Bakti Nusantara Foundation expressed their gratitude for the visit and assistance given to the students and closed the event with a prayer and documentation photo.


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