Lumajang Post-Landslide Recovery By KTI Care

KTI together with the local government provided food aid and trauma healing to the community affected by the landslide disaster in Sawaran Kulon Village

Lumajang – PT Kutai Timber Indonesia Peduli Bencana assisted landslide victims in Lumajang. The landslide that occurred in Sawaran Kulon village - Lumajang resulted in 7 heads of families losing their homes and their property and also livestock were also buried. There were no fatalities but the property losses were quite large.

KTI Peduli Bencana team went to the landslide location on March 13, 2021, bringing basic needs assistance. The assistance in the form of rice and instant noodles is expected to ease the burden of the victims who have been living in the Sawaran Kulon village hall for five days because their houses have been buried.

In addition, trauma healing was also given to victims delivered by Mrs. Rizky Dian Kusumawardhani (representative of PT KTI). Trauma Healing aims to restore the mentality of the victims so that they are excited to start a new life. Currently, the people of Sawaran Kulon village are working together to clean up debris and build new houses in a safe area.

PT Kutai Timber Indonesia through Environmental Care CSR is also active in planting to reduce the potential for natural disasters and climate change. It is hoped that PT KTI can contribute more to the community to improve environmental quality in the future.


Farewell Mr Satoshi Kawanami