PT KTI : 15 Minutes Co-Sunbathing for Extra Immunity-Booster

PT KTI’s employees do sunbathing together for protecting and boosting the immune system

Probolinggo - One of the ways to avoid coronavirus infection is, strengthening the immune system. It can be obtained by maintaining a healthy diet, a good lifestyle, and the simply sunbathe. Like the employees of PT Kutai Timber Indonesia do. In addition, the employees also do light exercise.

Employees enjoy this activity. They said that instead of beneficial since it is the easiest way to get vitamin D, sunbathing can also refresh employees who are tired of sitting in front of a laptop every day inside an air-conditioned room.

Mr. Masaaki Hori as Director of PT KTI said in Meeting Management that employees have to strictly adhere to the 5M protocol, namely Wearing masks, Washing hands, Keeping a distance, Avoiding crowds, and Limiting mobilization.

According to Mr. H.M Firdaus Dja'far, as the Executive Officer, he added that sunbathing at some specific time has many benefits such as increase immunity. In addition, employees should also adopt healthy living habits such as exercise, consuming healthy foods, and a lot of mineral water.


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