Dry Season Hits, PT KTI Anticipates Fire Potential

Entering the dry season, PT KTI raises awareness to prevent possible disasters, one of which is fires in the work area

ProbolinggoPT Kutai Timber Indonesia consistently implements OHS policies through SMK3 and sets OHS targets to achieve zero accident and zero fire. Occupational Health and Safety (K3) is an inseparable part of the employment system. Work safety can be interpreted as a state of avoiding danger or unsafe actions or conditions. OHS is not only a system that must be fulfilled by the company but also employees.

In the current dry season, PT KTI is raising awareness about the dangers of fire because PT KTI is a timber industry whose basic ingredients are flammable, especially in dry and windy conditions.

For this reason, PT KTI under the coordination of the Safety and Environment Division take preventive actions to avoid fires from occurring in the PT KTI work area. The actions taken are installing fire alarms and providing fire extinguishers in each work area. These tools are regularly maintained and the fire extinguisher is always refilled before the expiration date.

Employees of each area have also been given emergency response simulations in the event of a fire, that is to stay calm and exit through the evacuation route or emergency exit to the gathering point, use fire extinguishers, and do first aid for victims.

The PMK core team conducts scheduled weekly training to improve disaster response. In addition, a small team in each area is given a direct instruction by the PT KTI PMK team who already had the competence.

It doesn't stop there, the Safety and Environment Division team and PT KTI management staff also carry out regular patrols to find potential hazards as a prevention effort and immediately repair them before a fire breaks out. With these efforts, it is hoped that PT KTI can increase employee disaster sensitivity and protect employees from fire disasters.


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