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Welcome to PT. KUTAI TIMBER INDONESIA's website!

PT. KUTAI TIMBER INDONESIA is a pioneer of foreign-affiliated plywood company which was established in 1970 and began its factory operation in 1974. We have cultivated technology, trust, and experience for the past 40 years.

We are also the member of SUMITOMO FORESTRY Group. The Group appreciates the benefits of nature and utilizes the advantages of timber as a renewable natural resource, with "The Power of Forests Empowers the Future" and also aspires to continue bringing happiness into daily life and contributing to a prosperous society.

However, the recent wooden business in Indonesia is facing a difficult situation. For example, it is getting more difficult to obtain natural resources year-by-year. Moreover, surrounding countries increases their competitiveness. Indonesia is losing its position as the center of wooden business in ASEAN.

In addition, European countries, our main customers, shows stronger demand for environment-conscious products and products from sustainable forest. We feel this trend is getting stronger and stronger every moment.

Our duty is to provide those products for not only European markets, but also other markets such as American market, Japanese market, and Indonesian domestic market in order to satisfy all of them.


PT. KUTAI TIMBER INDONESIA is sure to resolve all those issues and develop markets for steady growth by carrying out necessary restructuring and innovation.

Planning for the future
1. To maintain constant supplies of legal and reasonable materials from those suppliers who sympathize with our faithful business attitude in the past 40 years and our goal to solve the above issues.
2. To shift our main materials more toward sustainable materials from forestation area, and to share profit with the local society that understand our goal.
3. To search for proper market for those environment-conscious product and to invest more in machinery for higher efficiency in the use of limited materials.

We would like to cooperate with those viewers who sympathize with our goal to develop in Indonesian society.

We will make every effort to achieve the goal. We would appreciate it if you could give us your opinions. We will incorporate your informative opinions into our business for the development of our company and Indonesian society.

Thank you,


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